What people are saying…


Anonymous: “It’s a blessing to have people like Nineveh Ministries in our lives.”

Anonymous: “Upon my release from prison, I learned of the favor that Nineveh ministries blessed my children with. The ministry didn’t solely provide my family with food and shelter and counsel, they provided my family with something more profound than I ever imagined they have entered in the knowledge that we do not have to live like we have been living and there is another option, that there is a God that loves us unconditionally and that it is just what it means without condition…I cannot tell you the love I have for this family- and how overwhelmed I am that God can use our love and obedience to change a family. To raise up a father from the ashes of prison and place him as head of his family using him to further bless his children. His son’s mentor picks up the father, takes him to church and men’s bible study and is walking with him like Jesus walk with his disciples. I’m so thankful for my mentors- who love when it seems hard, who continue to pour out their lives not only to our teens, but their parents.”



Julianne: “My mentor was there for me through the good and the bad. Nineveh has completely changed my life. Nineveh has showed me how to be sober and happy at the same time. They taught me how to fill the void in my life with Christ instead of drugs and alcohol. I graduated over two years ago and am still in contact with my mentor almost weekly. I hope to one day change a teens life like Nineveh changed mine.”

Cade: “He (my mentor) helped me grow strong in my faith with God and was there when I needed it. He also helped me with my homework and getting a job.”

Kylea: “They’re so supportive, encourage you to go to church, encourage you to have a better future. They’re just really loving and caring and help you out.”

Anonymous: “My experiences have put a positive effect on me, introduced me to Christ, finding my true self, helping me make new friends, and playing basketball at school. Thank you Nineveh!”

Kyle: “I used to be into parties, drugs and was in and out of jail. But God decided to change all of that. Even after I came to know Christ, it was still a struggle getting out of that lifestyle. Nineveh Ministries played an irreplaceable role in that. The mentorship program was incredible in helping me get to know myself, get to know God and answer all of the questions that I had. The Dale Carnegie Program was a springboard to launching me into the workplace with confidence. Both were incredible assets in my life.”



Chuck: “It’s been a challenge because most of these kids come from broken families, serious broken families. And it just changes your heart. You almost can’t imagine it, imagine what they’ve gone through and felt because I grew up with a family intact, the same mother and father. To see that, you start gaining compassion for it. Sometimes I think I’ve got to go out and change their lives and teach them certain things. But sometimes you just have to sit back and spend time with them. When you talk about Jesus going after the one lost sheep, if all you can do is change one kid, it’s already worth it.”

Mason: “I’ve always had a heart for mission, especially local missions, and for some reason these kids really speak to me. Kind of means the world to me to help out, mentor, just all around do anything for these kids.”