RESULTS ARE IN!They showed up, they played, they won! Congratulations to our 2019 DCG Masters winners: Pool Pick’em Green Jacket Winner Monica Fernandez from Texas Capital Bank DCG Masters Par 3 Challenge First Place: Tie between Scott Ewell and Carter Newman / Matt Schaefer and Biff Farrell   Random 10th Place Golf Lessons: John Manning and Greg McEvilly Closest… Continue Reading >

Homie Highlight: Meet James

We ran into James after he was busted for graffiti. Eddie brought him into the Jail –> Jobs fold to be mentored and to use his creative skills to start working on pieces that will be highlighted at our end of year art show.  James has not only envisioned the art and created beautiful pieces, but he’s now taken on a… Continue Reading >


Less than five months ago Beto and Israel were living under a bridge and were severely addicted to drugs. Now clean, they are navigating the long road away from drug addiction and homelessness. After coming off the streets and getting a job with Jail –> Jobs, we saw a rapid turnaround. However, like most addictions there have… Continue Reading >


Please join us in welcoming our new Jail –> Jobs Chaplain, Saulo Cooper. Keep reading to see some of Saulo’s story: “Most people’s very first memories of their childhood are usually fond memories. Mine were not. They are memories filled with hurt, pain and abandonment. If I could sum up my years of childhood in one word,… Continue Reading >

From Homeless to Hopeful

The is the story of four youthful offenders who ended up living on the streets. Back in January, Jeremias felt the call from God to go down to the Riverside/Pleasant Valley area bridge and look for youth in need. God brought him there for a reason because he ended up finding 4 young adults who desperately needed someone to… Continue Reading >

New Name, Same Direction

Chris Haskins, Founder & Executive Director Nineveh Ministries is now Jail —> Jobs (pronounced jail to jobs). In 2018 we began making changes to make our “tag line” our new name.  The reasons were simple… Nineveh has a complicated story that takes biblical knowledge to understand. Jail —> Jobs explains all of the ways we… Continue Reading >

Homie Highlights: Meet Gisselle and Melissa

Melissa has been Gisselle’s mentor for two years. We were so touched and encouraged to hear the story of their ongoing journey, that Melissa graciously shared with us: “From July to October, I have been taking Gisselle to the Jail To Jobs program twice a week. In addition to that, I meet with her individually. During our time together, Gisselle filled me in on… Continue Reading >


Sending out the call to all Nineveh/Jail–>Jobs supporters: we are in need of warm clothing for our homies who are working outdoors this winter. We would love a supply of:  Warm coats Work boots (steel-toe NOT required) Socks Blankets Sizing ranges from medium up to XXL. If you’ve been wanting to clean out your closet, now… Continue Reading >

Life Change Via Rap Song

You will start seeing a variety of people on our social media sites telling their story in rap videos. 16 Bars For God was created to accomplish a couple of goals…  To help bring awareness to the mass incarceration of thousands of youth all over the country. It also highlights two organizations that are doing something about… Continue Reading >

Homie Highlight: Meet Joe

Joe de Jesus Vega never finished his 8th grade year at Bailey Middle School before going into juvenile detention. It was there that he met a Nineveh volunteer, who gave him Eddie’s cell phone number. The Jail–>Jobs Academy was the first program he did with Nineveh, and he said he liked everything about it, “especially the… Continue Reading >