What a Difference An Explanation Makes

Inside one of the drug treatment centers that we offer church services, Abel (one of our staff) built a relationship with Ralph for about six months. Before going to treatment, Ralph had attended church as a child but never really wanted to go so he did not get much out of it. Abel once asked Ralph… Continue Reading >


The Cares Alliance was founded to bless others while building needs awareness and a safe opportunity for the community to give back as well. They want to be a force for good in the world, serving others and bringing the community together to help those in need. To achieve these goals, they regularly hold Community… Continue Reading >

July 2018 Newsletter

Jail to Jobs Academy in the local news, homie highlight, Boots & Bling and volunteer opportunities. Click the link to find out more:¬†July 2018 Nineveh Ministries Newsletter    

Thank You to Our Academy Volunteers!

Nineveh Ministries and the Jail to Jobs Academy would like to greatly thank our volunteers for speaking at The Academy as well as feeding our kids for two weeks. The kids were shown love and hope through constant learning and nourishment. Many hard subjects were brought up, and the love of Christ was shown. Guest… Continue Reading >

Jail to Jobs Academy Helping Youth Offenders in Travis County

The last two weeks, Nineveh has been running our Jail->Jobs Academy training, which pays youthful offenders to come in for those two weeks, learn new job skills, be mentored and fed, as well as hearing different speakers teach life skills like how to get and keep a job, interviewing, how to deal with anger and… Continue Reading >

Meet Israel

Israel joined our Jail->Jobs program in April and has been doing really well. While in the program, he made the decision to give his life to Christ (HALLELUJAH!). Our team was also able to help him secure his first ever state ID and boost his confidence. He came into the office the morning after getting… Continue Reading >

Meet Seth

Seth came to Nineveh Ministries’ Jail->Jobs program last year and at the time, he was homeless. We were able to find him a place to stay, and got him connected to Reveal Food Pantry to take care of two immediate basic needs. Seth graduated from Jail->Jobs and with his earnings, he was able to purchase… Continue Reading >

Meet Reyvon

While in our Jail->Jobs program, Reyvon made the decision to give his life to Christ. He graduated the program in a supervisor position and was a fantastic role model for other Nineveh youth. He’s now working full time! Your prayers and support have made this possible for Reyvon – thank you!

Meet Christian

Christian is one of our Jail->Jobs graduates. He gave his life to Christ during the program and is now fully employed with Baker Triangle. He is a perfect example of how life can change drastically through a true desire to know God and investing in hard work. See Christian’s story below: “My name is Christian…. Continue Reading >

Introducing Our Newest Board Member, Wade Lombard

Wade and his wife Kimberly have three children Jax, Lawson and Harley. Along with his two business partners, he started Square Cow Moovers in early 2008. Their lack of experience in the moving industry was overshadowed by their passion for providing first class service and commitment to hard work. Learning as they went the Square… Continue Reading >