Think back on your childhood. To that coach, teacher or neighbor that made an impact on your life. You know their name. You can remember the conversations you had like it was yesterday. And their voice is still in your head, helping you to stay on a positive path.

Absent for many youth, especially those that are incarcerated, is that person. The person that invests in their life and shows them unconditional love – and even tough love – under any circumstance.

Nineveh would not exist without the unconditional support of individuals and businesses. Read below to learn how you can make a difference in the lives of our homies. Better yet, fill out our volunteer application and we’ll be in touch.

Cost of Doing Nothing

    • A typical criminal career causes $1.3 mil – 1.5 mil in external costs
    • A heavy drug user $370k – $970k
    • A high school drop out $245k – $388k
    • On average it costs $40k a year to keep a youth in a detention center



Every Nineveh volunteer is equipped to better understand, and how to interact with our homies. From there, we will work with you to identify what volunteer opportunities best suit your gifts and availability. Volunteer opportunities include:

  • One-to-one mentoring
  • Bible study leader in lock up facilities
  • Anger management leader or facilitator
  • Bible character course leader or facilitator
  • Conference or retreat volunteer
  • Computer lab or GED tutoring
  • Job skills education
  • Guest speaker
  • Driver to and from re-entry facilities
  • Meal coordinator

We also love volunteers to help us in their career expertise including: Graphic design, Grant writing, IT, HR, Construction, Finance, Nursing, Counseling, Gardening, Sales, Distribution, and more

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  • Jail to Jobs educator – speak during a class about your business model and what is required to be hired
  • Hire a Homie – hire a homie that has gone through the Jail to Jobs program
  • Pallet Products – Donate, distribute or partner with Nineveh on our in-house sustainable business where we hire homies to transform pallets and used fence into works of art, décor or furniture.
  • Snack Bar – Donate, distribute or partner with Nineveh on our Snack bar located on the campus on the YMCA Twin Lakes.
  • Internships – create an internship through your business to help train a homie

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The time, talent and treasures you donate to Nineveh are appreciated. But your prayers are immeasurable.

Each week, volunteers gather prayer requests directly from our homies in lock up facilities. These individual requests are compiled into a single email, which we then distribute weekly. Please click below to be included.

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Nineveh’s goal is to be present in every one of Texas’ 243 counties. We can only do this by expanding our staff and programs. To support our vision and make a financial donation, please click here.

Your gift now ensures that we can continue to provide programs and hope to our homies across Texas.

To mail your donation, please make checks payable to Nineveh Ministries:

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