Homie Highlight: Meet Joe

Joe de Jesus Vega never finished his 8th grade year at Bailey Middle School before going into juvenile detention. It was there that he met a Nineveh volunteer, who gave him Eddie’s cell phone number. The Jail–>Jobs Academy was the first program he did with Nineveh, and he said he liked everything about it, “especially the job stuff.” During the Academy, Joe decided to apply for a job at Shipley Donuts near his house in South Austin.

Joe is the oldest of four siblings, and his mom is expecting a baby. On Day 2 at the Jail–>Jobs Academy, Teresa Franz taught the boys how to cook cheaply and nutritiously; Joe found that lesson to be useful, and he is trying it out to make dinner for his big family. Joe also was interested in what Teresa taught about budgeting and credit scores.  He doesn’t want to fall into any financial traps.

On another day at Jail–>Jobs Academy, Joe enjoyed the day we did mock interviews to the theme of Spongebob Squarepants. Joe is an energetic, playful kid with plans to become an architect some day. He’s now in school and doing well. 

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