Jail to Jobs Success

Meet Josh…and his shoes. He walked into Patton Cabinet Door Company dressed like this and tried to get a job. He took a tour of the entire facility in those shoes, and he even went through an interview with the shift supervisor and the general manager in those shoes. So you can probably guess what happened next…

HE GOT THE JOB!! Josh went from being locked up in county jail to working full time at Patton Cabinet Doors in about 4 months. Josh is a Nineveh Homie through and through. He defines, perfectly, the problems we face in reaching these kids; he’s hard headed, tattooed, has a criminal record, and struggles in the world on his own. However, Josh also defines, perfectly, the victory we get to witness when we are able to reach these kids; he is full of faith, respectful, hardworking, grateful and most of all SAVED.

He met us in County Jail in one of our bible studies, and we kept in contact with him once he was released. Josh was then able to enroll in our Jail to Jobs program. It was there that we were able to pour into him on a daily basis, all while he was able to earn some money and get valuable hands on training. Jail to Jobs was designed to take kids just like Josh and empower them to grow in four different core areas or assets (see diagram below). We helped Josh build a foundation in his life that would be able to support the amount of success he never dreamed possible, regardless of the shoes he wore. He was able to connect to a church where he gave his life to Christ, all by himself. He passed a job interview with an amazing company that pays its employees very well. He even decided to quit using drugs so that all of that would be possible. We did not make any of these decisions for him, instead we empowered him to make them himself. Josh had this potential within him his whole life, but like us all, we need loving and caring people in our lives that propel us into this potential.

If you want to be one of these people for another kid like Josh, please contact us below. If you want to be one of the people that support programs like Jail to Jobs where the propulsion takes place, please click on the donate button below. The more help we get the more Josh’s we can empower.

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