The Last Missionary Field in America

Eddie Franz
Travis County Director

Come and join Nineveh Ministries as we will grant you access to the last true mission field left in America.You do not have to travel to Asia or Africa to find people that are without hope and who have never heard the Word of God. There is a group of people right here in your own backyard! Travis County Juvenile Detention Center is full of kids who are without hope and have no idea of what Jesus has done for them. They are aware of their own sin and shortcomings, but they have no solution to their problems. They have child like faith, but they don’t know what to do with it. If you add all that up you get a HARVEST for the Kingdom of God.

Every 2-3 months we go into the Gardner Betts Juvenile detention center and put on a special event inside the facility. The events are on Saturday mornings from 9-11am. It includes but is not limited to, musical guests,rappers, motivational speakers, gospel presenters, and YOU the volunteer. The performers and presenters, using their special gifts and talents, bring the kids to a Spiritual Crossroad at which point you the volunteer will get to spend some one on one time with the kids (about 25mins) asking them if they would like to accept the gift of salvation. You will also get to pray with and for them, encourage them, and you get to tell those kids how special they really are. On average, 49% of the kids who hear the gospel at this event are giving their lives to Christ!

Every time we do an event, I watch the juveniles come into the auditorium as “offenders” but I get to see them leave as kids full of hope.There is nothing like witnessing that transformation. Come and be a part of this…the LAST MISSIONARY FIELD IN AMERICA.

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  1. Hello,

    My name is Min. Eddie Sanders. I would like to talk to someone personally about God using me to minister to those young men.

    I have put my website in the box that will allow you to take a look at my ministry. After you have taken a look, and if God lead you to do so, contact me to set up an appontment. I take my call and ministry very seriously, and would love the apportunity to minister to those young men. I look forward to hearing from you. God bless!

    • Hi Eddie,

      I apologize so greatly – I am just now seeing your post about volunteering. I have forwarded your message along to our volunteer coordinator and Travis County Director, Eddie Franz. He should be contacting you soon.

      Thank you for reaching out,


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