Life Change Via Rap Song

You will start seeing a variety of people on our social media sites telling their story in rap videos. 16 Bars For God was created to accomplish a couple of goals… 

  • To help bring awareness to the mass incarceration of thousands of youth all over the country. It also highlights two organizations that are doing something about it.  Jail–>Jobs by Nineveh and Straight Ahead Ministries.
  • To proclaim what God has done or is doing in our lives.
  • Viral videos create opportunities for new people to take part in our programs who have never heard of us.

Through this endeavor, we want to share success stories of people who have transitioned from a life that leads nowhere to a life full of hope and joy through the power of Jesus Christ. 

To join the challenge, go to, click “I Accept”, and get started. The amazingly talented SaulPaul created a beat for everyone to use. All you have to do is write out your rap, follow the directions on the website, download it to Facebook using #16barsforgod #jailtojobs, then throw out the challenge to your friends!

If rapping isn’t your thing, you can help us trend in the right direction by liking, commenting, or sharing. At one point we were all lost and without a purpose. We want the youth to know what God is capable of!  

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