Meet Christian

Christian is one of our Jail->Jobs graduates. He gave his life to Christ during the program and is now fully employed with Baker Triangle. He is a perfect example of how life can change drastically through a true desire to know God and investing in hard work. See Christian’s story below:

“My name is Christian. I will never forget the day I found out that my best friend died in prison.  He was locked up in juvy and was about to get out in 2 months, but he got in a fight, and during the fight he was kicked in the head and died.  He used to call me before he died and we would talk about all the things we were going to do when he got out, but he never got out. We grew up together, running the streets, smoking weed at 11 years old, looking up to the older guys on the block, and trying to be cool like them.  We did everything they did which is how he ended up in juvy. When he died though, I went over the deep end and started doing all kinds of drugs, and to supply that habit I started robbing people. All I wanted was to not feel the pain that I felt.  Eventually that lifestyle got me locked up for over a year in the same facility where my friend died.  I remember thinking that I have to change, because tomorrow isn’t promised to us, but I had no idea how to do that.

One day I was transferred to an adult facility because I turned 17. That’s where I met Eddie. He was doing a weekly bible study in that facility and I was looking for a different life.  He taught about God in a way where I could relate to the stories and the message.  I kept coming each week. I looked forward to that bible study every Thursday, because in that facility there is nothing to do.  Eddie’s bible study was the one thing that we all enjoyed while we were there. Eventually I gave my life to Jesus, because I had no hope with out Him. Without Jesus I was hit. The pain I felt would never go away and I would just go right back out into those streets. Jesus was the answer. I learned a lot about the bible in those bible studies but I also learned about Nineveh.  Eddie said that there was an entire ministry out there waiting to help me when I got out. 

To be honest I thought it was all just something you say to make someone feel better, but one day I got out and I called the number Eddie gave me. I asked him if he could help me get a job. He told me about Nineveh’s job training program.  He said that if I did well in the program, that Nineveh would help me get a real job.  Once again I was skeptical, but I didn’t have any other options.  So I showed up everyday and worked as hard as I could. The program wasn’t just about teaching me how to work and how to get a job.  They taught me about life, and God and how to be the person I was created to be.  After 2 weeks they took me to do an interview with a construction company. I was nervous. I had never had a real job, and I did not know what to do or what to expect.  One of the staff helped me through the entire process, and I GOT THE JOB!  They even took me to go and open my own bank account. I now make 14$ an hour now and work 55 hours a week. I am even in a program with the company right now to one day become a supervisor.  God has been good to me and so has Nineveh.

If you are reading this and you support Nineveh in any way, I want to say thank you for my second chance. I hope more kids can change like I did.”

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