Meet Israel

Israel joined our Jail->Jobs program in April and has been doing really well. While in the program, he made the decision to give his life to Christ (HALLELUJAH!). Our team was also able to help him secure his first ever state ID and boost his confidence. He came into the office the morning after getting his ID and was beaming with pride over the fact that he was finally able to cash his check by himself, not having to rely on anyone else. You see, once incarcerated youth are released from detention, they aren’t given a checklist of what to do to start surviving or to make better choices. Something we see as small and trivial like an ID (which they need in order to get a job and start making a new life for themselves), can be so difficult for them to manuever.  We take things like this for granted. However, it means the world to Israel and his cheek to cheek grin showed just that!

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