New Name, Same Direction

Chris Haskins, Founder & Executive Director

Nineveh Ministries is now Jail —> Jobs (pronounced jail to jobs). In 2018 we began making changes to make our “tag line” our new name.  The reasons were simple…

  • Nineveh has a complicated story that takes biblical knowledge to understand.
  • Jail —> Jobs explains all of the ways we help, starting in jail, helping every step, ending with a job. 
  • Non-Christians are more likely to partner and donate by dropping the 
    “ministry” word.
  • It’s easier to say and spell.  Trust me. We have heard every version.
  • It’s easier to move into new facilities and new counties under the name.

One thing that is not changing is our core values.  We are still unapologetically Christian. We will still focus to empower youthful offenders by offering programs so they can develop spiritually, physically, in character, and in the workforce.  Lastly, our staff and board of directors are the same.

You will see a new logo, new website (, new email addresses (although the old ones will still work),  new car wraps, and new swag. Thanks for partnering with us through all of these changes. 

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