Please Welcome Our New Jail 2 Jobs Supervisor:  Jeremias Cooper

I grew up in a broken home filled with divorce, abuse, and the feeling that I was alone at a very young age. I was given away to the State of Texas at the age of 12, and I soon got involved in a life of gangs and drugs. Due to not receiving love from my biological family, so I looked for that with everything from the street. This resulted in me going to jail as a young adult and spending 14 years of my life locked up.

I came to a point in my life where I realized that I couldn’t live like that anymore. I had given my life to the streets and never got anything in return. I knew that God had something better for me, but only if I would surrender my will over to him completely. When I did, God responded by opening up doors that I never thought were possible and brought men and women in my life who are like-minded. The streets (gangs) wanted me to die for them, the brothers and sisters in Christ wanted me to live for HIM!

My passion and excitement working with Nineveh Ministries is to bring a common understanding with all the homies I work with. I want to to bring a love that has been shown to me from the body of Christ. I want to be to enter the homies world right where they are at, with a boldness that exudes the love of God. In doing this, my hope is that they will want what they see not only from me, but from all people in Nineveh Ministries.. a renewing of the MIND!

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