Thank You to Our Academy Volunteers!

Nineveh Ministries and the Jail to Jobs Academy would like to greatly thank our volunteers for speaking at The Academy as well as feeding our kids for two weeks. The kids were shown love and hope through constant learning and nourishment. Many hard subjects were brought up, and the love of Christ was shown.

Guest speakers/teachers: Natasha Savage, Michael Cole, Clara Duffy, Cory Kruse, SaulPaul, Mike Walker, Marshall Thompson, Teresa Franz, Cory Rogers, Pastor Art Cardenas and Abundant Faith Boxing Program

Thank you for taking time from your busy schedules to come out and teach our kids about life through what it means to be a man, responsibility, spiritual lessons, how to get a job and be successful, leaving a life of addiction and much, much more. It means so much to have loving adultswho are willing to speak love, truth, affirmation and to be reminded through all of it, who they are and whose they are.

Meal volunteers: Susan Noel, Charlotte Cobb, Jorge Rozo, Teresa Franz, Jennifer Hebel and Legacy Church, Kelly Wallaert

You’re doing more than just filling their bellies. You’re showing them that people do care, and that gives them hope. Sometimes hope is just what people need to try to change their lives.

Thanks again to everyone who assisted in making this Academy the best one yet!

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