What a Difference An Explanation Makes

Inside one of the drug treatment centers that we offer church services, Abel (one of our staff) built a relationship with Ralph for about six months. Before going to treatment, Ralph had attended church as a child but never really wanted to go so he did not get much out of it. Abel once asked Ralph if he had surrendered to Jesus or had ever been “saved”. Ralph asked what that meant. 

Seeing this opportunity, Abel told Ralph the story from the Bible about Phillip (Acts 8:26-40). He told him how the man was trying to read the bible but that he didn’t understand it. Philip explained the passage to the man and then told him about Jesus and baptism. The man asked if he could be baptized that day.

After telling Ralph this story, Abel explained more about the Bible. Ralph came back the next week and told Abel that he had decided to give his life to Jesus. Abel explained what baptism meant and Ralph was so excited that he went to his church, took a class, and was baptized. Ralph is forever changed by this interaction. He now prays for his dad to know God and for his parents relationship to be healed.

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