Effective Juvenile Ministry

  • Relationship Based. We are committed to the person, not a program
  • Starts in lock up. This is when people are the most open to change
  • 4 Core Needs. You cannot succeed if any of these needs aren’t being met.
  • Ongoing Community. We are not created to do life alone. Nineveh will stand in the gap until a person is connected to a community that supports them.

Our Programs…

I.F.M. (In facility ministry)

Juvenile facilities in Texas do not have a Chaplain.  Therefore, local individuals and groups go into these facilities to evangelize, pray with, and teach.  Our goal is…

  • Every juvenile institution opened to ministry
  • Every juvenile offender given the opportunity to hear and respond to the Gospel
  • Every Christian that is called to juvenile offender ministry trained
  • Every believing juvenile offender offered discipleship
  • Participating ministries work well together
We host more than 1,000 bible discussion groups a year.


A mentor that they can lean on and trust. Our mentors are in contact with their teens at least 3 times a week. This intense relationship allows teens to experience faithfulness, love and encouragement, which provides the foundation for building other skills to carry them through life.

Mentors continue to meet with their mentees and provide support as they attend various classes. Mentors are also there to help them re-connect with their community and get plugged into a local church, youth organization, or support group.

Character and Life Skills Classes

Overcoming a criminal past means overcoming the things that you have been doing that will derail your life. We host ongoing trainings in a wide variety of topics including Anger, Destructive Thought Patterns, Managing Money, Drug Addiction, Healthy Relationships, How to Become an Entrepreneur.

We don’t just teach about these topics. We live it, we share our stories of coming out of criminal lifestyles.  We are honest about our successes and failures.

Re-entry Centers

Travis County Re-Entry Center

Williamson County Re-Entry Center

We create re-entry centers to be the hub of our activities.  It’s a 1 stop shop to get needs met.   Its also a place to build new relationships with staff, volunteers, or other homies.

Every re-entry facility has…

  • Computer lab
  • Food for meals
  • Jobs
  • Classes
  • An open door policy

Jail to Jobs

Father Greg Boyle says, “nothing stops a bullet like a job”. Jail to Jobs is our employment based (yes we pay!) mentoring and job skills program.  We established Jail to Jobs in order to teach the soft skills needed to land any job, and put money in your pocket so that you are less tempted to embark in criminal behavior to earn money.  In this program you will learn several on the job skills, how to work well with others, how to receive feedback well, and much more.

All graduates are guaranteed a job from our business partners in the community.



That’s just a fancy word that means, “we take care of each other”.   Helping you pay a bill, see a dentist, get some food on your table, and even getting a car.   We partner with lots of other non-profits to help make this happen.