What We Do


Nineveh Ministries empowers juvenile offenders to find purpose, personal growth, and achievement through the life changing reality of Jesus Christ.


Our vision is to implement an effective juvenile offender ministry model throughout every county in Texas.

Our Model

Establishing ongoing ministry inside juvenile detention facilities

Reaching kids while they are in juvenile detention is crucial. It is at this time when they are often scared, searching for answers, and are the most open to the gospel. We spend time recruiting, training, and supporting teams of volunteers to spread the gospel and teach bible studies. have seen hundreds kids make decisions to have Jesus Christ lead their lives through 1 on 1 evangelism. We have teams of people in Travis, Williamson, and Tarrant counties, as well as in the Gainesville State School. Besides our spiritual emphasis, our work inside detention facilities helps kids create a relational connection to adults, establish a moral code, become goal oriented, and establish healthy relationships in the community. As we work with kids in jail we earn the trust of individuals and county leaders to gain access to mentor them outside of the facility.

Connect mentoring relationships to released youth

All of us can make short -term changes, but it’s our goal to make life change in the kids we work with. The problem is many of our kids don’t have Moms or Dads in the picture, and often have a hard time pointing to 1 positive role model in their life. We train mentors to take a life-coaching role. Through constant care and love we have seen some major changes.

“Mentoring: A Promising Strategy for Youth Development” found that youth who participate in mentoring relationships experience a number of positive benefits.

    • - In terms of educational achievement, mentored youth have better school attendance, a better change of going on to higher education, and a better attitude toward school.
    • - In terms of health and safety, mentoring appears to help prevent substance abuse and reduce some negative youth behaviors.
    • - On the social and emotional development front, taking part in mentoring promotes positive social attitudes and relationships. Mentored youth tend to trust their parents more and communicate better with them.



Offer training and equipping for personal development

While helping the spiritual and relational needs of youth, we have realized that there is a huge need to help kids develop their personal skills, and to understand their unique wiring, in order to create a career plan. We regularly offer 2 programs to meet these needs…

ID My Plan Front

ID My Plan Back

In this program we walk kids to through 3 personal assessments.

    • - Myers Briggs personality assessment
    • - Strong’s Occupational Hexagon (Career aptitude)
    • - Spiritual gifts inventory – if requested

The data from these 3 assessments reveals over 50 pages of information about the student. As we begin to teach kids about their selves they light up, become more confidant, and self-aware. We compile this information to help come up with a plan, which our mentors can keep them accountable to. As a part of this process they will also receive a personal ID card, which is a boiled down reminder of what they learned. This is helpful to review themselves, as well as to show potential employers.

The Dale Carnegie Program

This intense 12-week program can be used as college credit. It starts with basic skills like “how to introduce yourself” and how to remember other people names. Soon after you learn how to handle stress within yourself, dealing with difficult people, and being an effective communicator. This interactive class is fun and challenging






Provide Employment and Career Opportunities

    • - We bring in various trade and technical schools to give presentations to youth while they are still detained.
    • - We have unique partnerships with ministries that train kids to work in the automotive and electrical industries.
    • - We hire some kids for various businesses we start in order to teach them the basics of being a good employee including timeliness, having a good work ethic, being a good teammate, and developing customer service skills
    • - We also create pathways for kids to be hired out of our program by managers and business owners that trust our process

CARS Owens Garage is a faith based youth development program designed to reach and connect with young men ages 14-20 in a vocational and recreational setting. The program teaches young men auto care & repair, and basic life skills through mentoring.

Engage Youth in Community Safeguards

Our goal is not to walk with kids for years on end. Rather, we want to launch our kids into safe environments so that they can connect to a community, and have positive, growing relationships. Individual churches, sporting leagues, and other interest-based groups in their neighborhoods, will be the best resources for meeting on going needs. This will also provide an opportunity for our kids to serve others.


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We are looking for more mentors in Travis, Williamson, Denton and Tarrant Counties! Please contact lara@ninevehministries.com for more information.